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How To Unsuspend Your eBay Seller Account

Having your account reinstated on your own is not a simple process. In fact, it can be infuriating. Many times you will feel wronged. Many sellers have ended up harming their own ability to sell again. Remember, eBay does not need you yelling at them to tell them they made a big mistake. Think about it. 

To get your selling privileges back, you need to understand what happened. In most cases, you will know. If not in your heart, eBay will tell you. Or dig around your operational procedures and customer data. You should be able to figure this all out.


On eBay's end, a real person at eBay overlooking your account felt you are a danger to the eBay community. Yes, it's true. No matter your stellar history. That's their job in the risk department and they do their job well. It's value is a massive trust-based community and smart business decisions.


Check this out, it's dated January 24, 2018. eBay's operating margin is 24% versus Amazon's 2%.

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Our Experience

Unlike other competitors, our company has an extensive history with Amazon & Ebay . When the Amazon & Ebay marketplace was first being established in 1999, the marketplace was looking for sellers. One of the first Amazon & Ebay marketplace managers flew out to California, and personally invited our company to sell on Amazon. Our company was invited to sell on Amazon & Ebay based on the reputation of our company’s successful EBay marketplace, and popular video gaming website. We were one of the FIRST Amazon SELLERS!

We’ve been dealing with Amazon & Ebay since its inception. When we started on Amazon & Ebay, the Seller Performance department didn’t even exist! Once the marketplace began expanding, and the number of sellers grew into the millions, Amazon & Ebay began reviewing and suspending sellers.

Our company has dealt with every type of suspension, starting with the first types presented by Seller Performance. We were always able to get our account reinstated, and continue operating our account successfully.

We see ourselves as pioneers. Our company was the FIRST US based seller to operate on Amazon & Ebay;  Japan, Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France. We understand international marketplaces, and we work with ALL Amazon & Ebay country suspensions.

We were the ONLY US based sellers to attend the Amazon Japan Seller Conference in 2008 in Tokyo.

In true pioneer fashion, we decided to put our insight, experience, know-how, and knowledge into a new venture in 2014. We were the FIRST reinstatement consulting company on the market, and we have helped thousands of sellers with reinstatement.

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