What is the accounts delivery time?

5 to 7 Business days

How it will be delivered?

It will be sent to your E-Mail.

What is the stealth guide?

The stealth guide will help you to manage your stealth accounts and will give you the knowledge how to stay alive much longer.

What is VPN, why I need it and where I can buy from

VPN is dedicated IP. You need to use VPN for your each account because new account must have new, fresh, never used IP address. We have partners who are selling dedicated IP’s so once you bought the account from us, we will give you the all details.

Do you offer any guarantee? 

Yes! 100% guarantee your account will be reinstated and 100% money back guarantee if for any reason we can not reinstate your account. 

How do I withdraw money from your accounts? 

If you’re in the United States or Canada, the easiest way to get your money would be to add your own bank and withdraw the money. If you’re outside the United States and Canada, you can send the money to another account and withdraw it or we can custom create a PayPal in your country with the package.

Is it safe to share Amazon & eBay access?

- It highly recommended not share Amazon & eBay account’s direct access to anyone and adding a user to your Amazon & eBay selling account is a safe method to share access. 

How to add a user to Amazon & eBay account?

- With some easy steps, one can easily add an user. Go to settings > User Permissions > Fill the short form to send an invitation. Once invitation accepted allow permission to that user. 

Can I ungate all the restricted categories?

- Of course, one can have approval for all restricted categories, it is all about the proper documentation those asked by Amazon & eBay. 

Will my account be reinstated for sure?

-As a partner, we will provide you with the best analysis service and appeal for your Amazon & eBay account but unfortunately, due to the nature of the business and industry, we cannot control the final outcome from Amazon & eBay’s end.

What if my account is not reinstated?

- If you follow our instructions and do not make any changes in the appeal documents, we assure you 100% moneyback guarantee in the case your account is not re-instated.

How long does it take to Ungate a category?

- It usually take around 5-6 days at maximum, in the case of providing invoices and all supporting documents it takes 12-15 days.

Can I ungate a specific ASIN?

- Yes, we do help to Ungate specific ASIN, please contact us with ASIN you are looking to Ungate

Which issues may void the money back guarantee?

    • Alteration of the appeal
    • Not complying with the points listed in the appeal (e.g deleting particular listings or making changes)
    • Incomplete information sharing regarding your Amazon & eBay account
    • Incomplete or wrong information about invoices, suppliers, authorization etc
    • Sharing our appeals on online forums, web chats, or other public domains without our written consent
    • Going against our recommendations for contacting Amazon & eBay or re-submissions
    • If we re-instate your account and you get suspended again for the same reasons, we cannot guarantee that your account will be activated again
    • In cases of infringement or rights ownership, if the rights owner does not respond according to Amazon & eBay

requirements or does not respond at all – the situation is not under our control

  • Ceasing communication with us before your account has been resolved

How long does it take to get my account reinstated?

- Although the service totally depends on individual cases, we very well understand that time is money and do our best to deliver your appeal within 48 hours after investigation. Amazon & eBay takes a few days to give a response and we cannot control their response time.