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Standard Package - Account Reinstatement

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  • Account Reinstatement
  • Account Suspension Overview
  • Detailed "Suspension Prevention Guide"
  • 15% OFF any other services


  1. Account Information (Names, Address, Zip Code, Phone Number)
  2. Birthdate *If Applicable*
  3. Last four digits of card or PayPal email associated with account
  4. Items being sold
  5. Where the account was created


  1. Upload the email that you received regarding the suspension via Live Chat or email (
  2. Send us the required information above 
  3. We will begin processing the request as soon as the order is made
  4. We contact the Internal Department of Amazon/Ebay
  5. We send you all the required documentation to send to Amazon/Ebay
  6. Processing time 1-3 Business Days
  7. Your account is reinstated!


  • 1 -3 Business Days